Tuesday, January 25, 2011


You know, this whole doing the entire film by yourself thing really makes you get a sense of what part of production you're good at, okay and, and just flat out hate.

I've been poking around at the backgrounds lately. I had wanted to get most of them at least fleshed out over break but the whole laptop death sort of wrecked that idea. I was hoping to do them in more of a.. beautifully illustrated Disney style, LOL. But that would end up being way too much work, especially since background paintings arent my forte.

I'm still fiddling around with styles right now, I need to find a way to be able to do them fairly quickly while still looking decent, this is especially hard because I have to do them at such a large scale so the quality isn't lost, a lesson well learned from Gladiator.

I did a quick mockup with Gatorgirl actually in the image this time, to get a better feel for her colors as well. At this scale it looks alright, each is a different style I considered, now I'm thinking about taking it even more simple and panterly.

Wow, blogger destroys the quality of images.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Work reel

*copied from youtube*
Okay.. so there are a few glitchy parts from my last save, and since my recent laptop crash i havent had access to after effects to fix them, so hopefully you can just deal with it. :)
I just wanted to upload something more recent since people have actually been looking at the old Gatordog animatics, even though thats totally going to ruin the surprise!

I've taken out most/all the dialogue since it wasnt really needed, and i've added in some of the rough animation I did this semester. Needless to say, i have to kick it into high gear if im ever going to finish!

I've also tweaked/changed/added some shots, which wont be display in the workreel until i actually animate them. Just some minor things to hopefully strengthen some scenes.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Break Bummer

This winter break has been terrible! My macbook pro decided to die on me, leaving me relatively computerless the whole break. But hey, i can get it fixed right? Guess again! Although it was under warranty, apple supposedly found water damage to the motherboard, despite my having never spilled anything on my laptop, and despite the fact that since the day I got it it's had a rubber protective covering over the keyboard just to avoid issues like this.
So unless I want to dish out 1,400$ for a new motherboard, my old laptop is gone to the grave (which hopefully means i can sell it for parts on ebay or something.) I just got it back today.

My roommate has an old macbook, which hes letting me borrow for the time being, but it's got no programs or anything on it. And luckily it seems like i was able to get most of my files off my old harddrive.

But now break is almost over! And the production of Gatordog can resume.. on this tiny poopy little laptop.

So here, have something fun to look at for having to read all my whiny ranting.