Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hot diggity dog its...

Gatordog. WUFF!

Okay, here are some character pages and whatnot of good ol' Annabelle. Just got done with her ref, and i did the expression sheet over the weekend, oodles of funnnn.

Gatordog is just your average happy-go-lucky, 10 foot long puppy!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Animatic take two. Or three. or maybe five.

Okay.. i've been picking away at this animatic, its improved a lot from the first one, which can be found down the page a bit, but im still having trouble really finalizing everything. Especially the gator fight scene, it still needs some work but i stink at actiony type scenes.
I'd really love some ideas/suggestions/critiques on this, i want it to be really good (duh) but i feel like im missing some simple, obvious things. I left almost all of the original dialogue in this one even though i ended up cutting a lot of it since most of it isnt necessary and I had forgot that it might be better to have no dialogue just so i would have a wider range to submit it to festivals.

Its also about 40 seconds longer than it's target time, but the only parts i'd consider cutting would be the river montage part or pretty much hack the ending down so that after the attack it would cut to them eating the gator by the fire, no grandparents or homely warmth and love. Gah.

Still working on designs for the grandparents as well as the frog. Also unsure about music but since im taking sound design this semester i'll be able to bat out pretty much all the sound/musical aspects of the film by the end of this semester.