Monday, March 21, 2011

Gatordog: The game

A few times in class we've all spoken about how to make marketable merchandise for our senior films and characters, well check this out! Gatordog the video game! haha.
I was surprised today on Deviantart with these images, someone had been inspired by Gatorgirl's model sheet and decided to try modeling her in Blender! Pretty cool huh? I asked if they were going to do one for Gatordog, and it looks like they want to give it a shot!

So thanks to Saeblundr For making a cool little model :)

In normal Gatornews, production has picked back up after a particularly slow last two weeks due to spring break and a nasty cold. The goal of the semester is to get everything roughed out (and hopefully more than that, because i'd really like to include all the shots I temporarily cut from the film.)

I hate having to upload stuff to youtube to post so hopefully i can just load this to blogger, but heres some rough keys for the shot where gatordog scrambles up onto the raft to get at the pie.

Suuure okay, it can be severely red tinted and laggy.