Monday, November 8, 2010


alright, its been awhile, i feel like i dont have too much to post yet, working on layouts and some rough animation right now.

For those of you who actually watched the animatics so far, well, i've gone and changed things one final time, but i've decided not to post it here for a little while, cause i feel like it spoils the magic if you already know whats going to happen! Its definitely a lot better, still some little kinks to work out..

Animation so far is frustrating, and although its normal to not get a perfect shot on your first try, I would have hoped at least one would turn out decent. Maybe i'll upload some later.

Everything is moving at a slow pace so far, im going to try and set up a desk area at home so im more motivated to work there since sitting on my bed doesnt make for good animating.

Ahh fooey.