Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scarfy Sidetrack!

A few of you may know about how over the course of the entire summer i had planned on doing my senior film about Scarfy, the poor disfigured goblin character I have, and then a week before school started i was randomly inspired with my current gatordog idea.

WELL. Awhile back i ordered a doll of Scarfy for an obscure amount of money from a very talented doll artist over on Deviantart (you can check her out HERE)
And she's just sent me this update, which has completely rekindled my excitement to see Scarfy completed!

I was originally going to get a doll of Gatordog, but as far as her style goes we both agreed Scarfy would probably look a lot cooler.

Anyways.. just wanted to share my excitement, i'll have some pencil tests up soon once Youtube stops being a turd and turning all my submissions red!!!

UPDATEEEEEE: Just got this new pic of scarfy, he looks so freakin SNUGGLY!

ALSO, I've been slowly trying to update my porfolio if anyone is interested! Scarfy has a page to himself if you want to at least check him out. Gotta try and get my Demo reel worked out to turn in tomorrow. DX

Click for Portfolio!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cut 'Em Up

I found a little sketchbook and a cool pen the other day. C:

Everyone seems to be making cuts, it was suggested i do the same.
People think i should cut the whole chicken/pie scene, but i rather like that one, and instead i think i going to leave out the whole intro scene since it really doesnt have anything to do with the characters or story. That and some other small shots here and there are going to be ditched out for a shorter film. Although i do have an extra semester, so I feel like it's still technically doable..

Anyways.. finished a whole shot finally, cleaned up and (almost) colored, once i relearn how to do the batch capture thing. Cleaning up in photoshop is working a lot better for me than on paper, but I might give flash a try next because it also took forever and a half to do it in photoshop.

I've also slightly tweaked the character design? I know right, wth am i doing XD
Not a drastic change, i ended up drawing Gatordog a little differently for one shot and i really like it a lot, adds way more character just to the drawings alone. Gatorgirl hasnt reaaally changed, but I'm still trying to get used to drawing and animating people, its so hard!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gator and the Frog

I'm planning to start working on the frog scene, which will be nice to get out of the way since its a pretty big shot. Im a little concerned about the design for the frog though, in the animatic his actions bring character to him, but overall hes a little wonky. I did a few sketches but they havent varied far from the original design so I might have to do a little more digging.. Did anyone like the original frog design as is? Or have any suggestions? The frog doesnt ever really move from that front view in the shot.