Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scarfy Sidetrack!

A few of you may know about how over the course of the entire summer i had planned on doing my senior film about Scarfy, the poor disfigured goblin character I have, and then a week before school started i was randomly inspired with my current gatordog idea.

WELL. Awhile back i ordered a doll of Scarfy for an obscure amount of money from a very talented doll artist over on Deviantart (you can check her out HERE)
And she's just sent me this update, which has completely rekindled my excitement to see Scarfy completed!

I was originally going to get a doll of Gatordog, but as far as her style goes we both agreed Scarfy would probably look a lot cooler.

Anyways.. just wanted to share my excitement, i'll have some pencil tests up soon once Youtube stops being a turd and turning all my submissions red!!!

UPDATEEEEEE: Just got this new pic of scarfy, he looks so freakin SNUGGLY!

ALSO, I've been slowly trying to update my porfolio if anyone is interested! Scarfy has a page to himself if you want to at least check him out. Gotta try and get my Demo reel worked out to turn in tomorrow. DX

Click for Portfolio!

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