Tuesday, September 27, 2011

hello update

S'been awhile, hasn't it??

alriiighty, so, school is back in session, i'm facing my final semester here at CCS, I've been pumped up and inspired from my recent visit to the Ottawa International Film fest and the last time you saw any animatic/shots from Gatordog have probably been removed or improved upon. The film just had its last final touch ups, and now I can finally get to animating. Unfortunately, the film wont be colored by the end of the semester (so by mid december) but assuming that it'll be animated as amazingly as i hope it will be, i'll definitely be working after graduation to fully complete it.

Sooo, whew. Grind time is in full effect, I have a loooot of animating to get done in the next 3 months!!!

here, have a froggy, a color test for the film.

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