Monday, September 13, 2010

Early Gator Concepts

Last semester I left school wanting to do my film about gatordog, but without a very solid story and plot. I had always pictured gatorgirl as an older teen, like 16-18 years old which is probably the only real big change i've done to the film at all, actually. That and her grandparents, who she would have inherited the house from, are still alive. I guess all in all the film im doing could easily just be earlier on the timeline of my characters.

My initial ideas were all a little too crazy, like the FBI or someone coming to capture gatordog, the house getting caught on fire, and them having to run for their lives. All in 2.5 minutes? Ahh ha yeah.. Had some fun sketching the dastardly duo though.

These are all some of my early sketches, that last set of Gatorgirl is actually my first shot at her, funkier outfit though i guess she hasnt really changed too much. Gatordog hasnt changed much, i've removed that scaly patch off her stomach and the spikes down her back for now, i dont like the idea of her not being completely snuggly i guess. I've kind of refined her a little more since these, but yep, pretty similar.

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