Monday, September 20, 2010

Gatorhome Concepts and ANIMATIC!!!

Okay so this is some of the original and (still in effect) ideas for kind of the lay of the land where the story takes place. Basically they start off in the clearing where Gatorgirl likes to camp out, then they make their way over towards the house where they steal a pie and get chased away down a hill towards the dock and hijackable raft is. This part i left kind of fuzzy since it doesnt actually really matter where they end up floating, but they make their way over, down and around the stronger flowing river (compared to the more stillwater swampland that surrounds the main house island) and its there they have the encounter with the gator.

As was to be expected, the story is slightly changing/ in the works of being changed. I realized i havent actually even said much about the storyline because i dont have a complete animatic or boards (because of all the changes) but thats inconvenient for anyone whos actually trying to follow the production of this wonky little film, so here. Take this, my first draft animatic. It has no sound, but i think you can follow it pretty well. Very unlike my previous film Gladiator's animatic -__-.

yeah i had to upload it onto youtube since blogger is fail at uploading videos. maybe thats what everyone does and Im just slow about it. Hah!

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