Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gatorgirl- the girl without a name!

Okay well not really, i've been debating her name for awhile now. Originally it was going to be Melody, then i was thinking Emma just cause it sounds nice with Annabelle, but then i found out Mel's main character is also named Emma so that seems like it'd be weird, but really, Gatorgirl's name is completely irrelevant to the film, you dont really hear her name spoken. It's just for myself. So i might just keep it Emma and continue to call her Gatorgirl. Or the only other names besides those two i was considering were Abigail or Callie. Such a tough choice!

Some info about her:
Gatorgirl is supposed to be about 8 years old, she lives deep in the heart of a giant bayou with her grandparents and she's been there pretty much her whole life, whereabouts of her real parents are unknown. She's homeschooled by her grandmother, but the majority of her days are spent running wild around the swamps with her gatordog, who acts as a companion and guardian. Shes very imaginative, and really has to be considering her only friend is non-english speaking. Gatorgirl is bold and independent, and she likes to feel like shes the leader of the pack and in charge of any situation, and gatordog happily obliges those wishes while still providing her with such a sense of security that she sometimes gets herself into more trouble than she can handle (but not more than a gatordog can handle!). She's the queen of the bayou, and every day is a new adventure so she's pretty much having the time of her life.

Although i could probably go ahead and write her whole life story right now, i'll leave it at that.

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