Monday, September 27, 2010


Some random arts i've done over the past week or so. I sort of introduced a new character into the gatordog world, at first just for fun, but now he's got a little 3 second feature in part of the film now, along with Colonel!

I guess its obvious, and therefore safe to say that the boy is pretty much based off of my boyfriend, as a character he manages to befriend gatorgirl (who should be getting a name soon) and gatordog, who doesnt like him just for the fact that he steals attention away from her. They meet one day in the swamps, realize they've both lived just a bit farther past what they hadn't explored up until that point. Kinda fun, gatorgirl needs some more human interaction anyhow.

And this last image is an id i made for myself for my DA page, and since gatorgirl conveniently looks like myself with lighter hair, i figured i'd be fitting if i was wearing her top and scarf and luffin on gatordog, with a special appearance from good ol' Colonel and Gatordog's favorite chicken, who has been named Dinah.

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